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Press 100 (100/365) on Flickr.

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100 (100/365)

So this is it the 100th photo. I decided to make it a Mamiya 100. A press 100. It was done clearly with multiple exposures and then a lot of stitching. But the result it clear 100.

YAY 100!

Camera: Canon 5D mark II With 50mm F1.2 (@f8)


Canon 580EX (@1/4) With a 40” softbox above the frame.
Canon 430EX (@1/4) Bottom of the frame

For the Zeros I used a DIY ring flash with a 430EX (@1/8th power)
For the 1 I used a 430EX (@1/32 power)

For the middle segment in the 1 is photo shopped from the above and below segments.

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FujiFilm (87/365) on Flickr.

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FujiFilm (87/365)

So I decided to count my Polaroid packs today. So looks like I have 5 B/W and 3 Color. As well as 1 pack of Polaroid 400 polapan.

Camera : Canon 5D mark II with 50mm F1.2L (@F2.8)

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Mamiya press polaroid (28/365) on Flickr.

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Mamiya press polaroid (28/365)

Went to shoot rock climbers today. I decided to go old school and I brought a mamiya press universal with a polaroid back to get a few nice shots.

Strobist info: 1 vivitar 285HV (@ 1/1) bounced off the crazy high ceiling.


Seals and shadows (15/365) on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Seals and Shadows (15/365)

So I have some pretty good news. I’ve redone the inside of the SI-Holga. There is a fresh pack of color 100 ISO film in there. I exposed it to 2 days worth of sunlight and multiple camera flashes and after that I took a photo. There is no significant light leakage from the camera that I can see. It’s pretty well ready to sell. I’ll be posting it on Etsy in a little bit.

Todays photo is a photo of my shadow and it shows no leaks!

Camera - SI-Holga.
Scanner - Epson V500 perfection

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More photos from Toronto.

Taken by city halls. Across the ice rink.

I used the Mamiya super 23 and it’s magnificent tilting bellows to create the image.

Shot with 100 ISO Ilford delta B/W Scanned with an Epson V500


The first 120.

This is the product of my Mamiya Super 23 and a roll of ilford 100 delta B/W film. One of the few shots to survive my mis-steps into the world of Medium format.

Shot in downtown toronto. By City hall.


Drying. Drying. Drying.

I just developed my first ever B/W 120 film. It’s drying. Of the 8 potential shot on there. I got… 5. 1 which was exposed due to my lack of a darkslide. 2 exposed due to poor film loading.

Anyways I ran through that roll fast as lightening and I can now say. My Mamiya press super 23 is working fine! Also that the little knobs to release the bellows are INSANELY hard to use in the cold. I thought my fingers would snap off when I was adjusting the thing.


PS it was Delta 100 B/W.


The new Si-Holga S(uper).

Features :

-TLR Finder (that flips into a sports finder when you don’t want to look down) -On camera flash with colored gels -Shoot polaroid Type 100 film! (Images are 6x6cm squares)


Alright, So I think I’ve decided on 3 trim levels for the Holga.

1) Si-Holga - Blind

Here is a photo of my original one, to give you an idea what it will look like.

This one is similar the original one I made, I’ll be using Velvet instead of duct tape on any orders I get. It will have no finder, it will sport a relocated hotshoe.

I think $110 plus shipping is fair. $25-35 dollars for the holga I have to buy, $20-40 for the polaroid back which I have to buy or hack apart. $12 for a pack of film that I will have to put in it to test for light leaks (This means all of them will come loaded with atleast 7 shots, depending on how many it takes to confirm no leaks, maybe more maybe less I will inform you!), and finally about 5-10 dollars on raw material/tool maintenance. This means at cost the camera will cost me $62-92 to produce. Leaving me a few bucks to buy things like more camera stuff for me so I can keep developing and making fun stuff.

So Final price is $110 plus shipping.

2) Si-Holga - N (ormal)

This one will sport all the original bits the holga 120 has, so the finder will not be hacked off, rather relocated and I will test it during the light leaks test to atleast tell you that it is semi-accurate (not that it was ever accurate to begin with)

Pricing and reasoning is $120 plus shipping. For 1 reason. I have to do more work rather than just hacking it off and throwing the finder away I’ll have to relocated it.

3) Si-Holga - S(uper) Here is a photo of the Si-Holga S(uper)

This will be derived from the TLR model. meaning it comes with the TLR finder as well as the colored gel flash (future options maybe available for ND gels instead of colored gels). It will not have a hotshoe due to the TLR model lacking one, but if you really want one email me and I’ll see what I can put together.

This will cost $150 plus, for the reason that the TLR model just costs 30 dollars more to buy.

Other options you can ask me for is Velvet color. If you really feel inclined I can go buy different color’d velvet to add on top of the black to seal the camera.

If you’d like to order one email me at And we’ll work out the details, payment will probably have to be paypal or cash if you live near by me. Otherwise does this sound fair?