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No Blinkage please! (3/365)

So, I bought a Mamiya 645 TL pro today. I can’t believe how SMALL these things are. SWEET baby jesus. It’s 1/4th the weight of my Mamiya press. It’s COMFORTABLE to wear around my neck.

Anyways today I put a roll of portra 400 NC through it and developed it in B/W chemistry with a bleach bath (which by the way if you try, use gloves, trust me from personal experience).

So today’s photo is a scan from this roll. It’s one of my friends who hung out with me in toronto (Thanks Michelle :D , you can follow her at ) And it’d titled no blinkage because well she didn’t blink.

Check out the rest of the set here.


Ok so I switched to HC-110 developer for doing C41 in B/w Chems. The film still looked awful so I looked online and noticed someone mentioned bleach, so I gave it a shot! And BAM I ruined my first shot, so I tried again with a shorter exposure to bleach and BAM much less ruined. So bleach appears to be what you need to dissolve the opaqueness from the film away.



So it appears that for the most part it worked! The specific film used was expired 160 portra.

Here’s my process (all at roughly 20 degrees Celsius)


Developer - ILFOSOL 3 @ 1:9
Stop - ILFOSTOP @ 1:19 Fixer - ILFORD RAPID FIXER @ 1:4

Process :

Water bath : 4 fills of water, with 4 quick inversions then dump to refill Developer : 12 minutes in the developer using the 60 second agitation Stop : 1 min 30 seconds using 60 second agitation (I goofed because it was suppose to be 10 seconds but this worked out!) Fixer : 3:00 minutes Water bath : 4 fills of water, with 4 quick inversions then dump to refill


I had 1/2 roll of c-41 on my canon f1 and decided now was a good time to process that. Lacking color processing chems I tried with my black and white chems.

I’m done now and it looks OK. I’ll scan them in a few hours after it’s dry and we’ll deliver the final verdict then.