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So, the camera is now correctly calibrated but my eyes are apparently made out of shit sammiches. I tried to use the macro adapter and I mis-focused so badly. But on the other hand the finder is so bright and nice now. I should have probably turned on a few more lamps just to light it up instead of trusting my squishy ass eyes.

Any way other than that the 180 is feeling sweet. I just ordered 6 packs of FP film from B&H. By the way I’m still giving away a free film pack for more details go here.


Down town toronto.


A photo of the protest.

It appeared to have started on dundas square and had hundreds of protesters out on the streets. It was one of the smaller protests that have been happening (smaller and less well covered than the Occupy protests).

I was out in toronto looking to buy a used Large format camera (that didn’t happen the seller neglected to tell me it was broken)

Anyways it was refreshing to be able to take photos and be completely ignored. Usually even with my M8 I get glancing looks but that day I was carrying a Sony Nex 3 (in hot red no less) with a dinky pentax auto 110 50mm f2.8 lens on it (A lens which covers the full 1.5x cropped frame). I literally walked in the middle of the protest crowd and started snapping photos and this is one of my favourites of the day.