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Glass (104/365) on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Glass (104/365)

Went to shoot the toronto sky line with some buddies. Was a good day. Anyways this was the result. Water is semi-glass like and pretty rainbowesque. I like rainbows.

Camera: Canon 5D mark II with Tamron 28mm F2.5 (@F8)

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Warmth (9/365)

I was out in Toronto again. Hanging out with my friend who runs this blog . Anyways it’s getting cold out now and I guess I haven’t really paid much attention to the homeless (yes, that sounds terrible but I’m being honest here) but you can see this person here is sitting on a grate that’s blowing out heated air. There were a lot of homeless doing this. It’s always amazing sometimes what you see on the street.

Camera: Canon 5D mark II, 100mm F2.8 macro (@ F2.8)

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The first 120.

This is the product of my Mamiya Super 23 and a roll of ilford 100 delta B/W film. One of the few shots to survive my mis-steps into the world of Medium format.

Shot in downtown toronto. By City hall.