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Rusty Convergence (7/365)

I was around Hamilton today. Meeting up with a few people about a job I am doing next week. Anyways after the meeting ended I promptly notice a bridge. It looked nice enough, you know full of bridge to walk over, steel beams, wood panels. The standard affair. The only issue was the steel was the same shade of brown as the wood panels. This was not a little bit of steel, this wasn’t some steel, this was ALL the steel exposed on the bridge looked like that. I just thought it looked cool is all.

Also it converges.

Strobist info : None… I used ye ole’ sun.

Camera : 5D mark II, 50mm F1.2 (@1.8, because I didn’t have my 2 stop ND with me).

Take a look at the 365 set on my flickr here!


In cold blood (2/365)

It’s only a couple days in and I had to resort to a back up idea :( I originally planned to use a photo taken by my speed graphic but it got so cold that when I set up I made several errors. Focusing, exposure, even the horizon was not straight, and in the end all I got was ice picks for arms and a sad drive home.

A few hours past and night fell along with snow! The whole thing reminded me of old detective TV series. So I thought I’d take a photo theme’d like one, kind of.

Strobist info:

1 Honda accord, behind me about 4 feet, headlights on. 1 580EX with a snoot pointed directly at my to the right of the frame about 20 feet, 1/32 power. 1 snowy cold winter day

Camera : 5D mark II, with 50mm F1.2 (shot at F1.8)

PS That is a prop US SOCOM in my hand.

You can view this full size on flickr here


A photo taken during a weekend trip to Bruce peninsula.

Present are, a little tree, a little man, a lot of water, and a lot of rock.

Photo was taken with a 5D Mark II, in natural light, with the 50mm F1.2 wide open using a 2 stop ND filter.