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VW (125/365) on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
VW (125/365)

So I was shooting my friend’s wedding today! Congrats to Nathan and Amber! Anyway amidst photoing the marriage process I found myself standing in front of an old old VW and snapped a photo real quick.

Strobist: Canon 580Ex (@1/8th power) Direct

Camera: SiHolga. My DIY Polaroid shooting Holga. (@F11)

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Holga Sky (67/365) on Flickr.

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Holga Sky (67/365)

Perfected the light seals on the newest holga polaroid for sale. The solution was not pretty a lot of vinyl on the inside of the camera holding the light back. Anyways this was the second shot taken outside just to make sure it was ok.

Camera: Polaroid holga

Things are looking good if you are interested in the camera look below for the link to it on etsy.

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My Cameras (57/365) on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
My Cameras (57/365)

So I decided to do any other photo compilation. This time with almost ALL the cameras I own, there were a few that I didn’t include because they were broken, or duplicates. Also I couldn’t figure out where they all were. For example I had a nashika 3D camera somewhere. Don’t know where it is now. I also had another polaroid 600 type camera. Dunno where that is either. Anyway I tried to mix it up by changing clothes every shot. And yes that last shot with the holga is me with no pants because DAMNNIT it was the LAST shot ok! Also you’ll notice a white spot where another photo should be. By the time I noticed I only had 43 photos rather than 44 it was past 12:00 so if I took another and included it I would be cheating. Which is not cool. All these photos were taken on the 26th of Feb in 2012.

Anyways I’m going to try to list out the cameras in the photo see if you can spot them!

Canon LTM camera with 50mm F1.8 LTM
Canon AE-1 With 135mm F3.5 FD
Canon T90 With 50mm F1.8 FD
Canon T80 With 50mm F1.8 AC
Canon AE-1 With 50mm F1.8 FD (Whoops I shot my second AE-1)
Canon FTB with Vivitar 24mm F2.8 FD
Canon EOS ELAN 7 With 100mm Macro
Canon EOS RT With Samyang 85mm F1.4
Canon Sure Shot AF 35mm
Kodak DCS760 With 35mm F2.5 Ais lens
Nikon EM with Nikon 50mm s1.2 Ais
Nikon F2 with 50mm F1.4 N-Ai
Canon D30 With 24-105 F4 IS L
Nikon Nikkormat EL With 135mm f2.8 N-Ai
Rikoh XR-20y Program with Pentax K-mount 135mm F2.5
Cosina SLT1000 (M42 mount camera) With Fujinon 28mm F3.5
Voightlander R4a with a Voightlander 28mm f1.9 LTM (with M adapter)
Leica M3 (Brush Metal finish) With Leica Summitar 50mm F2 (LTM with M adapter)
Leica M8 with Leica Canada 50mm F2 Summicron
Zorki 4k (LTM camera) With Jupiter 8 50mm F2 (LTM lens)
Yashica MG-1
Yashica GTN
Yashica GSN
Mamiya RZ67 With 110mm Mamiya Sekor Z F2.8
Mamiya 645 PRO TL with Mamiya 80mm F2.8 Sekor C
Mamiya Press Universal With Polaroid back and 100mm F2.8 Mamiya Sekor
Mamiya Press Super 23 (Second Gen) With 100mm F3.5 Mamiya Sekor
Mamiya Press Super 23 (First Gen) With 90mm F3.5 Mamiya Sekor
Speed Graphic (with crown graphic plate) With Ektar 127mm F4.5 
Polaroid Land 180
Fujifilm Instax 100
Fujifilm Instax Mini 7
Polaroid Electric Eye Land 900
Holga 120N with DIY Polaroid back
Canon Datematic
Holga 120N
Pentax Auto 110 with 18mm F2.8
Polaroid Propack camera
Polaroid Land SX-70
Polaroid One Step
Canon 5D mark II

Strobist info: 1 30EX (@1/16th) as Fill light bouncing off the wall of the room, and 1 580EX (@1/8th) as a main light with a 32x32” softbox. Just to the right of the frame.

Camera: Canon 5D mark II with 50mm F1.2 (@F1.8) I didn’t shoot wide open because ITS REALLY HARD to get things in focus at 1.2 when your shooting blind with a remote. For the photo I did of the 5D mark II I replaced the camera with the samsung EX1 (because it was getting late and I was REALLY tired)

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Holga Man (24/365) on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Holga Man (24/365)

So today I went out to do a photo, not noticing the sky was pure grey. This posed a problem because this was not the photo I had in mind. I wanted a pure blue sky with fresh snow and to do a wide shot of me and my Si-Holga.

The scene was much less colorful, dull grey sky, freaking cold too. So I decided to go the opposite way. I took the photo as if it were 1935, nearly direct flash to light me, B/W, distorted the crap out of it (ok not that much distortion), then 1 last thing was vignetting a lot of that. Then struck a pose as if I had been caught off guard and very angry.

Strobist info : 430ex (@1/2 power) With 1/2 CTO placed directly behind the camera pointed up a bit. It’s height was about 4 feet.

Camera: Canon 5D mark II with 50mm F1.2 (@1.2)

By the way the original purpose of the photo was to help me advertise my Si-Holga so I could sell one. It’s posted now on Etsy if anyone would like to buy it.…

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<—— The link is right there! I’m very proud of this one. Looks damn good, takes damn nice photos. And would look nice around your neck!

Plus if you buy it, I’m throwing in a free polaroid 600 camera!


Optical Lens (16/365) on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Optical Lens (16/365)

That’s what you’ll find on a holga. An optical lens, not a opaque lens, or a dog lens, not even a canon lens, just an optical lens.

Also the it’s pola-bokeh.

Strobist info : 1 umbrella (36”) shoot through. 1 Vivitar 285 (@1/16th power). Flash distance was approx. 3-4 feet from the holga.

The flash was fired about 13 times in different frames to create this photo compliation. It didn’t work exactly because turns out finding a space in my room that’s devoid of stuff for a 4 foot radius is hard. It worked enough though.

Camera: Canon 5D mark II, 50mm F1.2L (@F1.6)


PS Yes that is the new SI-Holga I’ve built which will be on sale shortly for $120 CAD/USD plus shipping

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Seals and shadows (15/365) on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Seals and Shadows (15/365)

So I have some pretty good news. I’ve redone the inside of the SI-Holga. There is a fresh pack of color 100 ISO film in there. I exposed it to 2 days worth of sunlight and multiple camera flashes and after that I took a photo. There is no significant light leakage from the camera that I can see. It’s pretty well ready to sell. I’ll be posting it on Etsy in a little bit.

Todays photo is a photo of my shadow and it shows no leaks!

Camera - SI-Holga.
Scanner - Epson V500 perfection

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Gentleman by the window (13/365)

I was at work today for the first time in a while. I was testing out the new SI-Holga for leaks. There was a few and as of now they’ve been patched. I’ll be testing it again tomorrow to see if the patches have worked.

Also I had to take a photo of the polariod with the 5D2 because I wanted to give my co-worker the polaroid.

Camera : Si-Holga

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The New SI-Polaroid.

It’s here.