Holgaroid - alpha

So, here it is. The Holgaroid Alpha, derived from a polaroid Land 430 (not 440) and a Holga 120N.

In it’s current state it’s light leak-tastic. I’ve learned that my choice of electrical tape did SHIT ALL. A quick flashlight test showed it was useless. I still have options though. Tomorrow I may try to complete the light seals by taping over then applying textured black spray paint. Alternatively I might try using parts of the remaining bellows on the land 440, what do you guys think?

There’s also an issue with the holga, currently it’s partially recessed into the polaroid back to try to get the film plane as close to where the medium format film would normally sit. I’ll be dremelling the recessed portions out tomorrow as well as cutting out the film holders as they are no longer needed.

I’ll keep you guys upto date and hopefully have less shitty photos.