Again, I’m referring to my post about how I made an instant holga (A holga that shoots the still widely available Fuji polaroid compatible films).

You can read about it here.

Anyways I was wondering if anyone had any input for me on it so far. As of now my first version does shoot roughly 6x6cm square format photos. The second version will likely be small improvements, mostly aesthetic (planning to do away with the tape).

After that I may explore other options, such as using the “TLR” holga and trying to integrate that finder onto my polaroid as accurately as possible. I also considered just creating a simplier sports finder on top like on a conventional polaroid backed holga.

For future reference though, all future SI-Holga’s will be using the newer 120N (With bulb mode and a tripod shoe, the first one I made has neither).

So my question is, is anyone interested? Does anyone have any additional input/concerns/questions/other business?