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Electric eye (174/365) on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Electric eye (174/365)

So I had this camera given to me by Ricardo of Henry’s Mississauga a little while ago and I had originally intended to convert it to shoot 120 film or instant peel away film but there has been an issue. The metal used in it’s frame is damn thick and today I found out just how thick. I tried to operate on it and you can see in the centre of the camera there’s a hole, that’s because I had to break a part off today now with a Dremel tool it took me 15 minutes to cut away cleanly (key word cleanly) a 1cm piece of metal.

Anyways the cameras in the photo are a

Polaroid Electric Eye (the main piece)
Polaroid Land 180
Polaroid Color Pack II
Canon AV-1
Voightlander Bessa R4a
Yashica Electro 35
Canon F1
Ricoh XR-20

Camera: Canon 5D mark II With 50mm F1.2L

Strobist info: To the left of the frame behind the Polaroid bouncing off the wall behind the cameras is a 430EX (@1/16 power). To the right and in front of the Polaroid is a large softbox with a 580EX (@1/32) and there is 1 more 430EX underneath the cameras to kind of hide the fact that the white board the stuff is sitting on is too small for the photo (@1/32 power)

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FujiFilm (87/365) on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
FujiFilm (87/365)

So I decided to count my Polaroid packs today. So looks like I have 5 B/W and 3 Color. As well as 1 pack of Polaroid 400 polapan.

Camera : Canon 5D mark II with 50mm F1.2L (@F2.8)

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The new Si-Holga S(uper).

Features :

-TLR Finder (that flips into a sports finder when you don’t want to look down) -On camera flash with colored gels -Shoot polaroid Type 100 film! (Images are 6x6cm squares)


Alright, So I think I’ve decided on 3 trim levels for the Holga.

1) Si-Holga - Blind

Here is a photo of my original one, to give you an idea what it will look like.

This one is similar the original one I made, I’ll be using Velvet instead of duct tape on any orders I get. It will have no finder, it will sport a relocated hotshoe.

I think $110 plus shipping is fair. $25-35 dollars for the holga I have to buy, $20-40 for the polaroid back which I have to buy or hack apart. $12 for a pack of film that I will have to put in it to test for light leaks (This means all of them will come loaded with atleast 7 shots, depending on how many it takes to confirm no leaks, maybe more maybe less I will inform you!), and finally about 5-10 dollars on raw material/tool maintenance. This means at cost the camera will cost me $62-92 to produce. Leaving me a few bucks to buy things like more camera stuff for me so I can keep developing and making fun stuff.

So Final price is $110 plus shipping.

2) Si-Holga - N (ormal)

This one will sport all the original bits the holga 120 has, so the finder will not be hacked off, rather relocated and I will test it during the light leaks test to atleast tell you that it is semi-accurate (not that it was ever accurate to begin with)

Pricing and reasoning is $120 plus shipping. For 1 reason. I have to do more work rather than just hacking it off and throwing the finder away I’ll have to relocated it.

3) Si-Holga - S(uper) Here is a photo of the Si-Holga S(uper)

This will be derived from the TLR model. meaning it comes with the TLR finder as well as the colored gel flash (future options maybe available for ND gels instead of colored gels). It will not have a hotshoe due to the TLR model lacking one, but if you really want one email me and I’ll see what I can put together.

This will cost $150 plus, for the reason that the TLR model just costs 30 dollars more to buy.

Other options you can ask me for is Velvet color. If you really feel inclined I can go buy different color’d velvet to add on top of the black to seal the camera.

If you’d like to order one email me at And we’ll work out the details, payment will probably have to be paypal or cash if you live near by me. Otherwise does this sound fair?



So today was a bit of an ass of a day.

I discovered my 100mm F2.8 Mamiya sekor lens was out of calibration. It took me an hour to figure out it was because the calibrating screw was slipping out of calibration after every attempt to set it back in place. So a bit of glue fixed that. However that was not the end of the issues. I soon discovered that the body itself was out as well, while infinity focus was preserved close focusing was off by as much as a foot. Now this was a big issue. This was a new issue for me that took me a bit of reading up on to figure out. So it turns out the Mamiya press cameras have 2 calibrations screws one for close distances (2-3m) then infinity. You have to calibrate infinity then go back and do close and then check both, adjust each accordingly until you find the right combo of adjustments to get both correctly.

This would be fine except that I literally tried so many times that I wore down my calibration screw for the close focus and it felt like it was going to snap.

I eventually calibrated the Mamiya universal, and upon checking my Mamiya Super 23 I discovered with the ground glass that this camera was off as well so I spent another 45 minutes fine tuning that and concluded it was as good as it was going to get.

Here’s the kicker. Now I decided to run through a pack of B/W fuji instant film to just see my results. I got so excited that I popped out 2 shots before realising that I had the darkslide on. Then in a massive brain fart that probably caused a stroke in my brain. I TOOK THE BACK OFF AND THEN REMOVED THE DARK SLIDE. At that point I proceeded to swear A LOT and on shot 4 I got a result. The result was that I needed a tiny bit of tuning, the camera was off by a little bit and the shot afterwords worked out great. So now it’s all good.

The moral of the story is… Don’t be a moron and own an expensive camera at the same time. It’ll only get more expensive, trust me I know what it’s like to feel my wallet on fire.

On the plus side of all this I discovered the Dr. Who “I am the Doctor” Music and playing that really brought up my motivation to keep going on these cameras.

My question is, do I now try to calibrate the third and last Mamiya camera (A super 23, first gen, the range finder is different from the other 2 and almost entirely all glued down)?


Today was a CRAZY day.

I got home and was greeted with a Polaroid back for my Mamiya Press universal, and my 9 packs of film which I ordered from B&H 3 days ago!


So, the camera is now correctly calibrated but my eyes are apparently made out of shit sammiches. I tried to use the macro adapter and I mis-focused so badly. But on the other hand the finder is so bright and nice now. I should have probably turned on a few more lamps just to light it up instead of trusting my squishy ass eyes.

Any way other than that the 180 is feeling sweet. I just ordered 6 packs of FP film from B&H. By the way I’m still giving away a free film pack for more details go here.


So it turns out my calibration on the 180 did not last. The finder was just not holding onto the calibration. So I recalibrated and again soon after it just drifted. So I did the only natural thing and I removed it. And took the polaroid land 360 I got from the salvation army auction and took it’s finder straight off and recalibrated that vertically (it was off a bit) then put it back on my 180 instead and so far so good. It’s holding steady and in fact the finder is brighter!

I love my polaroid 180 but so far it’s been a love hate relationship with this focusing issue. Hopefully this fixes it.

Now I have a polaroid land 360 without it’s head.

FYI, if you want to remove the finder to swap in yours it’s very very dead simple close up the camera so it’s focusing rail is locked. Then undo the 5 screws on the rangefinder (2 on the side, 3 on the bottom) then just pluck the thing off just like that.

PS. I’m still giving away a pack of Polaroid film, go here for details.


So the polaroid film that I won with the auction is not a Type 100 pack ( It’s a Type 88). This is a bit of a downer, since I don’t have any . It also expired in 1975. But tell you what. I’m going to give this pack of film away (With the box too!). I’m going to let this post sit for 7 days. Anyone who wants it contact me with a comment or something and after the 7 days I’ll randomly select someone to receive it. Anyone in Canada/USA will get the shipping free too! Everyone else, umm we’ll talk.

Anyway, back to the item of the actual Polaroid, it works and came with a set of fresh working batteries! It’s too bad I’m probably going to bust it up grabbing parts for my Polaroid 180. But like most other Polaroid I seem to buy it’s rangefinder is off.

The last thing I want to say is that, The briefcase the damn thing came in is WONDERFUL! Sweet lordy damn, I can’t believe how nice it looks, I wish my 5D mark II came with a briefcase.