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The Medium format bug (175/365) on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
The Medium format bug (175/365)

So I started to shoot more film again! Specifically medium format film because it’s so juicy and wonderful. So my brother and I went out for a day of shooting on our bikes and took many shots. There was however 1 issue on my part. I had forgotten what film was loaded into what back. I had Portra 120 400NC loaded up in one and Illford Delta 400 in another so I did the only logical thing. Picked one at random then took it to chance. Everything was perfect uptil the part where I realized this is medium format and I did have windows in the back of my camera to tell me where I was in the roll but also what damn film I was using. Turns out I picked the 400 Portra meaning I couldn’t develope it. OR could I? Hell yes I could. I did the C-41 in B/W process and this turned to be a TERRIBLE idea. Mostly ruined my film. But I got 1 semi-workable shot. This is it.

Camera: Mamiya Press Super 23 with 100mm F3.5 (@5.6)

Scanner: Epson V700

Strobist info: To the left of the frame behind the Polaroid bouncing off the wall behind the cameras is a 430EX (@1/16 power). To the right and in front of the Polaroid is a large softbox with a 580EX (@1/32) and there is 1 more 430EX underneath the cameras to kind of hide the fact that the white board the stuff is sitting on is too small for the photo (@1/32 power)

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No Blinkage please! (3/365)

So, I bought a Mamiya 645 TL pro today. I can’t believe how SMALL these things are. SWEET baby jesus. It’s 1/4th the weight of my Mamiya press. It’s COMFORTABLE to wear around my neck.

Anyways today I put a roll of portra 400 NC through it and developed it in B/W chemistry with a bleach bath (which by the way if you try, use gloves, trust me from personal experience).

So today’s photo is a scan from this roll. It’s one of my friends who hung out with me in toronto (Thanks Michelle :D , you can follow her at ) And it’d titled no blinkage because well she didn’t blink.

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