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I had 1/2 roll of c-41 on my canon f1 and decided now was a good time to process that. Lacking color processing chems I tried with my black and white chems.

I’m done now and it looks OK. I’ll scan them in a few hours after it’s dry and we’ll deliver the final verdict then.


Drying. Drying. Drying.

I just developed my first ever B/W 120 film. It’s drying. Of the 8 potential shot on there. I got… 5. 1 which was exposed due to my lack of a darkslide. 2 exposed due to poor film loading.

Anyways I ran through that roll fast as lightening and I can now say. My Mamiya press super 23 is working fine! Also that the little knobs to release the bellows are INSANELY hard to use in the cold. I thought my fingers would snap off when I was adjusting the thing.


PS it was Delta 100 B/W.