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8 ball (63/365) on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
8 ball (63/365)

It’s a magical ball this one. Can’t hit it until you sunk all your solid/stripe. Can’t even look at it funny or it declares your the loser. Anyway I noticed when playing with a friend that the lights above our heads were casting multiple shadows I hope to do a more fun photo with the idea but this is the gist of it, different shadows different intensities of shadow.

Camera: Canon 5D mark II with 50mm F1.2L (@1.8)

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Steam Coffee (23/365) on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Steam Coffee (23/365)

So, I really like coffee. Like a lot. Originally I was going to use my 100mm macro to do a high speed photo of me pouring TONS of sugar into my coffee. Although to be fair the contraption of a cup is already pretty sweet.

The point of the story is that I got very distracted when I took a test shot on my 50mm lens and noticed that the flash behind it was lighting up steam!

Strobist: 430EX (@1/2 power) bounded off the wall behind the camera as a fill

430EX (@1/2 power) behind the lens cup to light the steam.

Camera : Canon 5D mark II, 50mm F1.2L (@F5.6)


After work I decided to go take some photos of myself and my Canon and put it together in a product shot. This is the result. It took me atleast 25 minutes to get a photo of myself I didn’t hate.

This was an interesting day, I didn’t think I’d be sitting on a concrete edge with my Leica M8 perched up on a tabletop tripod doing self shots in the evening. During the shooting I did get overexcited and I ended up jumping backwards quickly to try to get a look at my M8, which led me to fall into a ditch right behind me in the photo (I didn’t noticed this lack of land), which lead me to pretty well landing on the concrete edge shins first. Turns out my shins and concrete do not mix well.

Anyways I figured it’s about time someone else see’s this camera. It is fairly awesome (in my mind it’s perfect) and I’m still trying to finish my first roll of film on it.

The photo on the left was taken with the M8, with a Leica Summicron 4th Gen, the photo on the right was taken with the Voightlander 21mm F4 again on a Leica M8. The tripod used was the TrekTek tabletop.