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Toronto is full of these guy’s by Dundas Square. I’m glad one of them finally helped me out and stepped onto the manhole cover I was shooting at. You wouldn’t believe just how hard it is to focus a Mamiya Super 23 with the rear bellow’s fully tilted on a moving subject.

Anyways. I got it. And it looks FANTASTIC.


So recently I bought and repaired an old Mamiya super 23 press camera. I recalibrated the rangefinder and gave it a major cleaning inside and out. Then I bought it 2 packs of 120 film. I’ve had the film loaded for 2 days and it seems like I’m having shooter’s block.

I took 1 photo the other day more or less to play with the tilt shift function on a flower, but without the 100mm F3.5 (I have the high speed F2.8) I couldn’t actually do a tilt shift at infinity which kind of sucks.

Every other time I wanted to take a photo it always seemed that I never had the time to set up and meter. I think this calls for weekend where I simply just drive out and shoot stuff with it.