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FujiFilm (87/365) on Flickr.

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FujiFilm (87/365)

So I decided to count my Polaroid packs today. So looks like I have 5 B/W and 3 Color. As well as 1 pack of Polaroid 400 polapan.

Camera : Canon 5D mark II with 50mm F1.2L (@F2.8)

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Film days (Afga) (29/365) on Flickr.

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Film days (Afga) (29/365)

So today there was a camera show in North York. It was a great chance to buy film. So buy film I did. In the boat loads. 14 packs of Type 100 polaroids (9 BW/5 color). Then I got 24 rolls of assorted 120 and 35mm film. It was FANTASTIC. Anyways to commemorate this day I took this photo of a roll of afga sitting on top of a bunch of film :)

Camera : Canon 5D mark II with 100mm macro (@F5.6)

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Mamiya press polaroid (28/365) on Flickr.

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Mamiya press polaroid (28/365)

Went to shoot rock climbers today. I decided to go old school and I brought a mamiya press universal with a polaroid back to get a few nice shots.

Strobist info: 1 vivitar 285HV (@ 1/1) bounced off the crazy high ceiling.


The new Si-Holga S(uper).

Features :

-TLR Finder (that flips into a sports finder when you don’t want to look down) -On camera flash with colored gels -Shoot polaroid Type 100 film! (Images are 6x6cm squares)


Alright, So I think I’ve decided on 3 trim levels for the Holga.

1) Si-Holga - Blind

Here is a photo of my original one, to give you an idea what it will look like.

This one is similar the original one I made, I’ll be using Velvet instead of duct tape on any orders I get. It will have no finder, it will sport a relocated hotshoe.

I think $110 plus shipping is fair. $25-35 dollars for the holga I have to buy, $20-40 for the polaroid back which I have to buy or hack apart. $12 for a pack of film that I will have to put in it to test for light leaks (This means all of them will come loaded with atleast 7 shots, depending on how many it takes to confirm no leaks, maybe more maybe less I will inform you!), and finally about 5-10 dollars on raw material/tool maintenance. This means at cost the camera will cost me $62-92 to produce. Leaving me a few bucks to buy things like more camera stuff for me so I can keep developing and making fun stuff.

So Final price is $110 plus shipping.

2) Si-Holga - N (ormal)

This one will sport all the original bits the holga 120 has, so the finder will not be hacked off, rather relocated and I will test it during the light leaks test to atleast tell you that it is semi-accurate (not that it was ever accurate to begin with)

Pricing and reasoning is $120 plus shipping. For 1 reason. I have to do more work rather than just hacking it off and throwing the finder away I’ll have to relocated it.

3) Si-Holga - S(uper) Here is a photo of the Si-Holga S(uper)

This will be derived from the TLR model. meaning it comes with the TLR finder as well as the colored gel flash (future options maybe available for ND gels instead of colored gels). It will not have a hotshoe due to the TLR model lacking one, but if you really want one email me and I’ll see what I can put together.

This will cost $150 plus, for the reason that the TLR model just costs 30 dollars more to buy.

Other options you can ask me for is Velvet color. If you really feel inclined I can go buy different color’d velvet to add on top of the black to seal the camera.

If you’d like to order one email me at And we’ll work out the details, payment will probably have to be paypal or cash if you live near by me. Otherwise does this sound fair?


Presenting My first attempt at a Polaroid holga. Dubbed.

SI-Holga (Square instant holga) Or Siho camera for short.

Photos in the photo are actually from the camera. The camera shoots on polaroid type 100 film, but it makes a image roughly a 6x6 square shape.

It took me 2 days to make this, 1 day to actual cut and glue, 1 day to paint and tape. I’ve shot 2 packs of film in it and so far the photos are looking good. I’m thinking of making a second less ugly version, possibly with a viewfinder. But I may actually opt to not have one at all because shooting blind is actually very fun.

Anyways I’d like to know what are your thoughts on the name? Is it good? Do you have a better name? And if I were to produce them in small numbers would I have any buyers for such a camera?


So, the camera is now correctly calibrated but my eyes are apparently made out of shit sammiches. I tried to use the macro adapter and I mis-focused so badly. But on the other hand the finder is so bright and nice now. I should have probably turned on a few more lamps just to light it up instead of trusting my squishy ass eyes.

Any way other than that the 180 is feeling sweet. I just ordered 6 packs of FP film from B&H. By the way I’m still giving away a free film pack for more details go here.


So the polaroid film that I won with the auction is not a Type 100 pack ( It’s a Type 88). This is a bit of a downer, since I don’t have any . It also expired in 1975. But tell you what. I’m going to give this pack of film away (With the box too!). I’m going to let this post sit for 7 days. Anyone who wants it contact me with a comment or something and after the 7 days I’ll randomly select someone to receive it. Anyone in Canada/USA will get the shipping free too! Everyone else, umm we’ll talk.

Anyway, back to the item of the actual Polaroid, it works and came with a set of fresh working batteries! It’s too bad I’m probably going to bust it up grabbing parts for my Polaroid 180. But like most other Polaroid I seem to buy it’s rangefinder is off.

The last thing I want to say is that, The briefcase the damn thing came in is WONDERFUL! Sweet lordy damn, I can’t believe how nice it looks, I wish my 5D mark II came with a briefcase.